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Shaun Escoffery – Evergreen

Shaun Escoffery – Evergreen

Shaun Escoffery

Nearly two years on from his previous album “The Red Room” mixed martial arts competitor Shaun is back with a brand new CD titled “Evergreen.
Having now spent time in my car listening (repeatedly) to this new offering from this very enigmatic artist, I can wholeheartedly say that it has been well worth waiting for.
From tracks one – “Healing Me” through to number three, which is the title track and features Joss Stone, “Evergreen,” I can personally guarantee that you will be hooked. This is yet another masterful piece of work. But lets not heap mountains of praise only on UK Soul singer Shaun, a huge amount of applause need to be pointed in the direction of producer and album co writer Gil Cang. This legendary and unsung hero of production has easily worked his magic for Escoffery yet again.
This is 13 tracks of sheer quality and it’s a no brainer that it was picked up by UK label “Dome Records.” It will do well and there are a few tracks on the album screaming out for a remix. No doubt close friend of Shaun, Idris Elba, will yet again turn his acting skills to a remix and of course there will be a queue around the block to join him.
Evergreen” is set to be released on September 2nd…..just watch this album rocket as it delivers on so many levels.
By Dave Simpson (Twitter: @Itsin_Credible; Blog:
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